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    Free Linux CDs

    • Purpose
      • Have a local linux distribution center ( store/office ) to pick up FREE cdroms

    • Philosphy
      • Personally, i do NOT like to order thru mail order for anything
        and it'd take too long to arrive and too much headaches about "i didn't order that"

      • If i need a new distro, or latest cdrom, i usually need it NOW/today
        and it'd take forever to download 4 - 10 CDs or 4GB DVDs

      • Downloading/Uploading 650MB CDs or 4GB DVDs are not trivial, when lots of people want it
        and "Redhat Patches" are about 1.8GB each ..

      • Currently, there is no physical store to get "the desired" cdroms
        not even slackware, fedora, debian, knoppix, etc, etc

    • Distribute Free Linux CDs
      • cdrw glass media is $0.10 each or sometimes FREE with rebate
      • give away free CDs at linux user meetings
      • have CDs available at linux installfest meetings and trade shows

      • Sponsors/Volunteers get to make their custom cdrom labels
      • Users are encouraged to pass along the cdrom or donate $$ to or ??

    • CDRW Burner Server ( $430 or less or more )
      • You'd get a system with say 250GB of disk space
        • $ 50 mid-tower case for multiple cdrw drives ??
        • $ 100 Mini-ITX motherboard
        • $ 80 256GB memory
        • $ 150 250GB ide disk
        • $ 50 cdrw drive

      • You'd use our mirroring scripts to automatically maintain your depository

    Various CDs Various Linux Distro CD Latest Patches

    • Install CD -- most distro cdrom will install itself

    • Rescue CD -- most distro cdrom will have a "rescue" mode
      • after booting it into rescue mode, you MUST be able to eject the cdrom

    Burning Your Own CDs

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